Monday, 14 March 2011

My filofax and me x

A post dedicated to my beloved filofax, Ive always had a passion for stationary i love love love going into whsmith, paperchase and the holy grail the filofax website, i can spend many a happy hour in theses stores looking at notepads, pens, diary inserts, whilst trying to keep my daughter entertained at the same time, funny enough at 4 years old she doesnt have the same enthusiasm about stationary shops as i do, i wonder why ?

So i decided to buy myself one diary/Filofax that i could have everything in rather than trying to juggle the family wall calender,shopping list book, and lots little cheap diary's, too many to count.

So here it is voila !

I decided i would go for the metropol personal size, i felt i would be happy to carry this with me as its not too big, i did look at the mini and pocket size, but i write quite large and i think it would have got on my nerves trying to fit things in it. Next came the fun part filling it all in yippee, oh joy i brought myself 2 new pens just a black papermate flexgrip and a lovely coloured Bic for the important task of highlighting.

When i first open it i have my sticky notes, stamps and a few family pictures in the plastic clear file, puts me in a good mood seeing my little girls smiling face, i also stick various things in the pocket, bank statements,business cards etc.

This is 2 weeks on 2 pages, the spaces are big enough for everything i need to write in, i also pop a "to do" list in here which i move from week to week and add or cross of as and when things get done. Behind my to do list is that weeks meal planner to, and at the bottom of the meal plan page i write down things i need for next weeks shop, so when i run out of something i straight away put it here.

Next is my monthly planner on 2 pages, i use this mainly for noting when money comes in, how much i have to transfer each week for bills, i like to see "my money" for the month it helps me plan, rather than flipping through a week at a time.

Are you still with me ? lol, or am i boring you to death with my Filofax love ?, there are many more like me out there honest x

And finally i have my dividers which i just stuck a post it on so i can reuse or change there use, at the moment there:

MONEY -Iin here i write all my direct debits and what we have to pay every month, theres also a my voucher list, i pay monthly into a voucher scheme for Christmas, so every time i make a payment i mark it here and gives me a running total of what i owe.

LISTS - These are all my lists for all sorts of different things, i have a birthdays list that i just move from diary to diary every year, movies i want to see, books i want to read, websites people have mentioned, crochet patterns/things i wanna make.

CHRISTMAS - so far in here is a list which has 3 columns name, gift ideas, purchased. So throughout the year if family mention something i quickly note it in here so I'm not stuck come 6pm Christmas eve !

Then last but not least is just a plain pad for jotting down  things quickly, or making my weekly meal plan. Hope you enjoyed your little tour of my ff, much love x


  1. Lovely filofax! And welcome to the world of blogging. I just realised I had my 6 month blogiversary and it has been so much fun! I look forward to more posts from you :-)

  2. I used to love my filofax but then I got my iphone and it's just sat lonely on my shelf now ;-(

    Have you found Nickies blog yet, she's a filofax-oholic too. You'll find her at Typecast if you want to bond over filofaxes lol

  3. It's so pretty! I love how you have set your Filofax up, it's very similar to my setup. I'm a mom too, so I started using one Filo for the same reason you did!