Sunday, 9 October 2011


Wow i didn't realise how long it has been since i started this blog, and how I've failed at blogging, I'm just going to drop in and write when i feel like it , i don't want a full time commitment on my hands.

I got a metropol personal filo ages ago, and i dutily filled it in and set it up, i tried really hard to carry it with me wherever i went and for a few weeks was very successful, but as time went on i would forget to take it out, end up writing on bits of paper and needless to say just turned into a waste of time. But i so badly wanted to use my filo daily and feel superduper organised. I think the major issue with it was the size, while it was perfect for my writing style i just found it too large for the chuck in the bag school runs etc.

Now Ive gone a few months without having a serious relationship with a filo, but i miss it, the comfort and security of knowing that everything is in one place, and i can find my great aunts birthday in a few swishes of paper!

So after much deliberating and spending an hour in staples feeling and handling the filos (they thought i was stealing im sure) ive decided on a pocket malden in crimson (with much help from philo's king steve)  making the use of the 50% off sale. I love the smell and the feel of the malden, im just hoping i can fit my writing in it, now i await my package and will do a post about it once received with lots of filo pics yipeeeeeeeeeeee!